Preparation for Going to Sea, Regatta, Long Passage and Parking

If you are a busy person and every minute you are on the ship is worthwhile to you - SailBreeze Naka Marine is ready to take care of the professional execution of routine, but very important activities for the preparation of the yacht for navigation, implying a safe and comfortable transition.


First of all, it is:

  • Unpacking of the yacht during long-term storage and inspection of the main systems

  • Operative control, and, if necessary, tuning and repair of ship equipment

  • Preparation of documents required for the planned route

  • Advice to the crew on the specifics of the passage of the planned route

  • Replenishment of fuel and fresh water

  • Purchase of food and household items

  • Complex cleaning

When preparing yachts for sports events and regattas, we additionally offer rental of sports sails, kayaks, surfboards, scuba diving boats and other similar equipment.

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We hope to see you and maintain your yacht soon.

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